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Python Programmer

Clearwater, United States

Short summary of the job: We need a Python Programmer in Brookfield, Connecticut. Tough challenges but you'll be part of an innovative team with great spirit and vision. You’ll play a key role in our most important project, a project that will change the course of tele-medicine and help millions to recover in a better and safer way, at home.


              * Information Technology


              *Customer Service

              Must Have

              • Great ability to talk Pythonish and XMLish, but also a bit of CSSish and JavaScriptish (yeah, we are multi-national and multi-lingual)
              • No fear of building web applications in the clouds (we love to fly high with our dreams and we refuse to fall down)
              • Fair experience with direct customer support (you'll be working mostly at our client's facility)
              • Instincts of security and high quality (come on, we are IT Perfectionists!) 
              • Creativity and enthusiasm to help businesses to be more successful
               • Experience with Perfector is an advantage (as that's the core of our business)
              • Loyalty to stand for the team in good times and in bad times (way up is rarely smooth and calm)
              • High sense of humor (we love fun & games!)

              What's great in the job?

              Leading position in a project with a great potential - you will literally see it growing in front of your eyes
              • Freedom to put your creativeness and sense for order forward
              • Great chance to build up your job and future - both time-wise and money-wise
              • Full support in your professional and personal growth• Help with relocation, if needed